Workplace Violence Mitigation Planning

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average of 564 workplace homicides annually

Despite these statistics, fewer than 30 percent of employers have developed a workplace violence mitigation program or policy.  This leaves Employees observing early warning signs of concerning behavior with no well-defined course of action they should follow in reporting these observations. Failure to develop policies and procedures in handling these matters can leave Managers ill equipped and ineffective in preventing workplace violence from occurring.

How We Can Help Your Company

We are experienced in the development of Workplace Violence Prevention
Programs.  We understand the sensitivity surrounding the development of this type of planning place our emphasis on mitigation measures designed to help prevent or reduce the risk of a Workplace Violence event.


We custom design programs to include

  • The development of training programs to educate your employees on the early
    warning signs
  • Helping your company identify a multi-disciplinary team to handle early
    intervention measures
  • Assessing your facility to identify or develop safe havens and evacuation
  • Working with local law enforcement agencies to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive
  • Identification of the most appropriate Mass Alerting Notification System



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