Hiring a private investigator is generally not an easy decision and at times accompanied by emotionally charged events leading to the consideration.

The general misconceptions of "Private Detectives" only further complicate not only the consideration to seek investigative services, but the many questions of who do I select, how do I locate one and did I make the right decision.

We at Professional Investigation and Consultation Services of New Jersey will discuss your concerns with you and help you, the ultimate decision maker,  come to the most appropriate conclusion if our services are right for your situation. 

Family Support Services


Private Professional Investigators can offer immeasurable support for families in many areas.  

Our Services Include

  • Nanny & Babysitter Backgrounds
  • Family Integrity Checks
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Lost Relatives Found
  • House & Pet Sitter Checks

Peace of Mind - Integrity Investigations

Children are our most important life asset.  We nurture them, watch as they grow and hope that they make careful and responsible choices. Professional Investigations can discreetly offer you both support and peace of mind by ensuring they are making the right decisions.  What they do, where they go and how safely do they get there....  Don't be the last to know.

GPS Rentals – Long / Short Term * Computer Use Monitoring * Covert Surveillance

 Cellphone Data Recovery * Computer Forensics * Social Media Investigations

Elder Care and Safety

The loss of independence is among the hardest things we face about getting older. Often times, loved ones have well-grounded concerns about the safety and security of their aging family members who live alone or have begun to exhibit concerning behavior.

Let our staff of Technical Security Experts help with low cost solutions which deliver a high priced peace of mind for our loved ones.

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